HDFC launches ‘Secure Banking’ in Kerala

Thursday, Jul 31, 2014,19:41 IST By metrovaartha A A A

HDFC Bank Ltd launched its ‘Secure Banking’ programme in Thiruvananthapuram today.
The programme will initially be held across 12 branches in Trivandrum district and the surrounding areas, and will eventually be rolled out across all 139 branches in Kerala.  The initiative is part of HDFC Bank’s ongoing endeavour to create customer awareness about safe banking practices.  The initiative was launched by Damodar Padhi, Vice President and Global head of Learning and Development of Tata Consultancy Services, a customer of the bank.    The ‘Secure Banking’ initiative comprises a series of workshops, which educate customers through presentations, on matters they need to be careful about, while conducting banking transactions.  This includes using a cheque, transacting at ATMs, using debit or credit cards at POS terminals, merchant outlets and online banking.    These workshops are open to the public. Both customers and non-customers are welcome to attend the series of workshops, which will be conducted at various branches across India on a regular basis.
In Kerala, in addition to branches, the workshops will also be held at corporate offices, schools and residential complexes.   Apart from the workshops at branches, various other channels like ATM screens, mobile banking, and the HDFC Bank website will be used to spread the message of Secure Banking to customers.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr Dhiraj Relli, Branch Banking Head, HDFC Bank, said, ‘Banking in India has made tremendous progress in the last two decades. From early days when visiting the branch was a necessity, customers today have access to multiple platforms to conduct banking transactions. The Secure Banking programme educates customers about the do’s and don’ts they must follow while using these platforms. The simple measures illustrated during the workshop will help customers minimise any risk of compromise of their personal data.’
Mr S S Jayasankar, Zonal Head, HDFC Bank said, ‘As banking systems evolve, criminals are also looking for new methods by which they can de-fraud customers. An alert and well-informed user is less likely to inadvertently disclose personal banking details to such fraudsters. Through this simple presentation we hope to create greater awareness of safe banking practices among our customers.’