On Kochi gears Himachal Assembly to go hitech

Saturday, Aug 2, 2014,19:02 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Himachal Pradesh Assembly would become the country’s first ever high-tech legislative house, when the E-Vidhan, a secure end-to-end solution developed by SBL,  a Kochi based IT company at Inforpark, here, to be launched  at the Assembly on August four.
Announcing the launch of the ground-breaking e-Governance solution, e-Vidhan, Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha Speaker Shri Brij Behari Lal Butail claimed that ‘the Himachal Pradesh Assembly has become India’s first ever high-tech legislative house. The facility will be formally launched on August 4, 2014,’ a release said here today.

The e-Vidhan system fully automates the day to day functioning of the entire legislative assembly and would radically change how the legislation process works in India in the near future, it said adding that from this monsoon session, e-Vidhan system would maintain online records for all the assembly’s proceedings of Himachal Pradesh Assembly.   Speaker Brij Behari Lal Butail made it clear that the Assembly Session proceedings would  be completely paperless and introducing bills and laying various reports and answers to questions inside the House will be handled through touch-screen based computer systems deployed for each legislative member inside the House.

With e-Vidhan system, the members inside the House would be able to exercise their voting over motions electronically. Similarly, the information provided for media persons too  will be digitized and a media room with computers using the e-Vidhan system would be available for the use of media persons.

Stating that the e-Vidhan system would use Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) for user authentication; henceforth only digitally signed documents converted into PDF/A standards would be allowed to be uploaded on the online system, he said it would ensure error free, paperless communications within the legislative house.
The e-Vidhan’s Secretariat interface would also manage the Questions Processing System by accepting the questions from Members, issuing notices to Departments, accepting replies from departments, approving the answers and fixing the dates by the Secretariat and finally creating List of Business for a day during the Assembly session, it added.

The e-Vidhan system would further increase the people’s participation in the Legislation process by automating the process of Assembly Bills MIS and allowing to seek people’s suggestions on bills online through a secure web interface,  it said, adding it would also ensure that the proceedings  inside the House would be instantly available for the public at the end of every session day by digitizing and publishing of Verbatim Record of House/Committee Proceedings.    The e-vidhan system for MLAs would include an enhanced Constituency Management System including Submitting Priority  List of Works under MLALAD Fund,

Monitoring various Works running in the Constituency, Redressing of Public Grievances/Demands, Management of Employee’s Requests (Transfers etc.), Party Information System, and preparing Tours / Appointments /Meetings. , Online Submission of Questions & Property Returns by MLAs, Online Annual and Supplementary Budget Books.

SBL is an IT and Business Process Management (BPM) company that offers smart digital solutions to government and private organizations, which has its presence across the globe including USA, UK, Australia and Middle east. The company which was founded in 2005 in Kollam presently employs 800 people with its main work base in Infopark, Kochi.