Kerala coast is prone to oil spill disasters

Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014,19:41 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kerala has a coastal line of 590 kms and the entire coast is prone to oil spill disasters as one of the international oil transportation route is adjacent to the coastal line of the State.
Out of the 14 districts 9 of them are oil spill prone. Besides, the state has an oil refinery in Ernakulam, which increases the vulnerability of the state, according to an an International Workshop on Oil Spill Disasters.
Hundreds of tons of oil is being transported through huge containers through the coastal line frequently, it added.
The International Workshop on Oil Spill Disasters has been organised with an objective to create basic understanding on oil spill vulnerability in Kerala. The Workshop was organised by Institute of Land and Disaster Management(ILDM) in association with ALPHAMERS, an international NGO dealing with oil spill management, an official press release said.
India has a coastal line of 7517 kms long. Approximately 200 million tons of oil is being transported to Indian coast every year. This shows oil spill vulnerability of our coast. Indian coast has experienced about 80 oil spills for the last 30 years. The programme brought out a document bound volume of the suggestions and recommendations on oil spill disasters as path forward.
The participants of the programme were the members from District Disaster Management Authorities from the 9 coastal districts of the state, functional officers from coast guard, inland navigation, police, fire and rescue, chemical inspectors, chemical emergency response centres, Ministry of shipping, Kerala Port Department, Members of Kerala SDMA, Mangrove Society of India etc. There was demonstration on the Use of Drone- the Unmanned Areal Vehicles for spill surveillance.