Robbers gang-rape woman, stab husband

Saturday, Sep 20, 2014,17:26 IST By metrovaartha A A A

In Jaipur city robbers took turns to gang-rape a 30-year-old woman after repeatedly stabbing her husband in Vaishali Nagar early on Friday. The robbers barged into the house after breaking open the kitchen’s window grill, tied up an elderly person, took one of the two children at knife point and then raped the elderly man’s daughter-in-law, while the husband lay unconscious on the floor.
He was admitted to a hospital and has been operated twice. The robbers tied the elderly person so tightly that he fractured his leg. It is a first of its kind dacoity in the city where robbers dared to rape a woman while committing the crime. They escaped with nearly Rs 10,000 cash, about 150 gram gold jewellery and other valuables.
The police are still clueless. There were at least four robbers inside the house, though police said that more people may have been involved who kept a vigil outside while the crime was being committed. The robbers entered the two-storied house around 3.15 am.
“The elderly man, a diabetic and a retired engineer, was sleeping in a room on the ground floor. After hearing some noise, he woke up and the intruders immediately pounced on him and even tried to gag him,” said additional deputy commissioner of police (west) Karan Sharma. He was severely beaten and then tied up and was told not to raise an alarm.
“The senior citizen’s five-year-old grandson who was sleeping with him also woke up. They took him hostage at knife-point and reached his parents’ bedroom on the first floor where his two-year-old brother was sleeping with the couple,” said the officer.
Before the boy’s father, a jeweller, could do anything, the robbers attacked him. They stabbed him 8 to 9 times with a knife on his stomach, back and other parts. They also hit him on his head with a blunt object and he fell unconscious.

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