Ultra modern techs offer cure for arhythmic hearts

Sunday, Sep 21, 2014,17:32 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Eighty per cent of heart attack cases due to rhythm disorders can be avoided with the help of ultramodern technologies, Cardiac Electro physiologists said in a seminar on ‘Arrhythmias Unraveled’, in Kochi today.
Cardiac electrophysiology was a new subspecialty of cardiology which studies and corrects all abnormalities of the heart rhythm, often without medicines or surgery, they said.
Stating that over two lakh people in Kerala alone suffer from various forms of abnormal heart rhythms, called ‘arrhythmias’ in medical terminology, the seminar noted that many of these cases could be cured by a single ‘radiofrequency ablation’ procedure.
This lasts about one hour and which lasts about one hour, is painless except for the numbing local anaesthetic injection. It involves a single day of hospialisation, said a leading cardiac electrophysiologist Dr Bhima Shankar. He said implantable devices used in electrophysiology include MRI compatible pacemakers implanted using a technique. They allow patients to have a bath and go home within 36 hours.
Eminent electrophysiologists Dr. Anandaraja (IGGGH, Pondicheri) and Dr. Raja Selvaraj (Jipmer, Pondicheri) were the main speakers in the seminar.