Coconut prices to be at Rs 15-17 in Nov, Dec: DEMIC

Tuesday, Oct 14, 2014,18:47 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Farmers are recommended to sell coconut and copra in November and December, during which the price would rule at Rs 15 to Rs 17 per nut of 550 to 600 gm weight, at farm level in Pollachi market,
The prices would be lower by Rs one to Rs three in other markets, compared to Pollachi, considering the quality of nuts, Domestic Export and Marketing Intelligence Cell (DEMIC) in Tamil Nadu Agricultural University said in an econometric analysis.
As far as copra, the prices would hover around Rs 101-103 per kg in Avalpoondurai Regulated Market in the State, it said. Currently the price of coconut is ruling around Rs 27,800 per tonne (about Rs 15 per 550 to 600 gram) in Pollachi market at farm level.
Arrivals from Karnataka commences from Oct January and from Kerala in Jan-April.
Low coconut production during last two years and continuing demand for export has led to increase in copra prices from Rs 60-75 per kg in 2012 to Rs 100-120 per kg upto August 2013-14.
At present, Copra prices are ruling at Rs 100 -104 per kg in Avalpoondurai regulated market in Tamil Nadu, due to decrease in coconut oil price in world market by 16 per cent from June to September,