RSS says it is up to BJP to decide on NCP offer

Monday, Oct 20, 2014,16:31 IST By metrovaartha A A A

RSS today said it is up to the BJP to decide as to whose support it should take to form a government in Maharashtra where Assembly polls have thrown up a hung House with the party falling short of a majority. Speaking to reporters after the conclusion of a threeday conclave in Lucknow, RSS General Secretary Bhaiyyaji Joshi said the issue can be decided by BJP alone.
He was asked if the Sangh would be happy if the BJP allies with the NCP which they had been calling corrupt in the past. We have no role in it, it is up to the party to accept it or not. And if some party wants to give their support than it is upto that party to decide and think about it, he said. Asked if the Sangh would support the decision to take support from that party, he insisted, We don’t have any role in it…This is a political issue and political party leaders are mature and they will decide.
NCP has extended crucial outside support to BJP in Maharashtra. Though Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has made it clear that his party will not lend unsolicited support to BJP in forming the government, he had reportedly called up Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah to congratulate them on the electoral victories in Maharashtra and Haryana.
Joshi said BJP’s victory in Haryana and Maharashtra polls shows that the wave of change, which started from Lok Sabha polls, was still going on. Asked if there was any strategy in place to contest the 2017 Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Joshi said it has to be decided by the BJP and it was not the responsibility of RSS to prepare ground for it.
When pointed out that RSS had helped BJP in Lok Sabha polls, he said the Sangh had not worked for the BJP but had tried to create awareness among voters to exercise their franchise in large numbers. Asked if BJP was taking Uturn on the issue of bringing back black money stashed in foreign banks, Joshi said, BJP is not taking a Uturn on black money issue. This should not happen. The complications in doing so should be cleared and the promise made in the manifesto should be fulfilled.