Just walk to win freebies!

Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014,21:21 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Now you can get freebies by just walking or running at your own pace. A preventive healthcare company has just launched a mobile application which will enable one to win free products and services by just playing games or doing real body exercises. The free Android application ‘WalkOn’ uses accelerometer in smartphones to detect motion and count steps when you are walking or jogging.
People have a tendency to postpone exercises but by giving an incentive we help you to make the right decision at the right time, Shwetank Verma, co-founder of Mobile Health Solutions which is offering the app,said. Verma explains that the app converts fitness into a currency by making sweat pay.
He said that with technology it was easier to track and verify with accuracy whether people were actually doing those exercises as promised. Verma’s business partner Rahul Batra claims that it is the country’s first digital fitness rewards platform of its kind. It is a win-win situation for both the fitness seeker and the brand. Our vision is to assist users in making better choices by measuring a broad spectrum of health data, he said.
The application features free products/services and exclusive discounts and deals from more than 20 brands in the form of rewards earned by users for simply walking, jogging or cycling. It works by integrating with pedometer apps like Moves and Runkeeper and will connect to wearable gadgets soon. Users of the app can choose a game of their choice. Each game is about time and distance based fitness challenges like walking ten kms in two days.
The challenges give users the extra shot of motivation to get fitter by giving them a chance to earn free beauty products, foot massages, snacks, vouchers, among other things. It thereby motivate users to stay fit and gives them a sense of achievement, Verma said.
Around 22 brands like MakeMyTrip, Forever 21, Smoke House Deli, eBay, Khadi Naturals, Just Herbs, Aaranyaa, Rustic Art, have already tied up since the launch of the app two days ago. The idea came to the duo while observing members of their primary care health hubs where they noticed that even smart and successful people are often unable to do justice to their bodies.
The fancy academic term for this is hyperbolic discounting – it describes the tendency of people to choose a smaller reward that occurs sooner in time over a larger reward that occurs much later, Verma said. By offering smaller rewards in the form of discounts, the app gives users long-term health benefits, he said. The WalkOn app is an extension of the duo’s mission to combat India’s rising incidence of lifestyle diseases¬† by making preventive healthcare accessible and fun.