Farmers to get right to kill crop-ravaging boars

Wednesday, Nov 12, 2014,20:18 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | With cases of man-animal conflict in forest-fringe settlements on the rise, the Kerala Government has decided to give powers to farmers to kill wild boars straying into their farm lands close to forests without waiting for nod from Wildlife Department. The state cabinet, which took this decision today, also enhanced the ex-gratia for kin of those getting killed by animals from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh.
Under the existing rules, farmers could kill a boar ravaging their crops only after getting prior permission from the Wildlife Department. This rule would be relaxed so that an affected farmer could kill the animal with a licensed gun or by other methods without getting advance permission from authorities.
After killing the animal, its carcass should be produced before the forest department officials within 24 hours. The officials would then examine the spot where the animal was killed and take witness’s statement and confirm it was done on genunine grounds. The Minister said the rules were relaxed as there had been a spurt in complaints of man-animal conflicts. There were even cases of children being attacked or scared by animals while they were on their way to schools.