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Harvested heart of 2 yr old airlifted to Chennai after police stop traffic

Friday, Dec 19, 2014,19:09 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Bangalore | In a heart-warming action, the heart of a brain dead child was airlifted from HAL Airport here to Chennai for transplantation after police created a green corridor to enable its unhindered transportation.
The heart of the two years ten months old brain dead child was taken from Manipal Hospital here to a Chennai hospital to transplant it to a child aged two years and eight months.
City traffic police said they created a green corridor to facilitate unhindered transportation of the donor’s heart from Manipal Hospital to HAL Airport- about 2.2 kms.
The child was declared brain dead last night and after taking consent from the patient’s family, hospitals in the neighbouring states were alerted, Manipal Hospital officials said.
Following this, representatives from Chennai hospital arrived at Manipal hospital and after completing all the medical procedures the heart was carried to HAL Airport in an ambulance and from there it was flown to Chennai, they said. Father of the donor child said, The doctor told us that the child is brain dead, but his organs are functioning, then we decided to donate organs as it may help some one else and in that way our child will be alive….
In September, an harvested heart from a woman, who died after suffering brain hemorrhage in an accident, was taken from BGS Hospital in the city to Fortis Hospital in Chennai. City Traffic Police had then created green corridor across 42 kms stretch from the city to Bengaluru International Airport to facilitate unhindered transport.