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Woman makes retired man’s MMS and blackmails for money

Saturday, Dec 20, 2014,21:36 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Meerut | Usually it is the men who take videos of their female victims, make MMS and blackmail them, but in a case that has turned this on its head, a 20-year-old woman first befriended a 70-year-old man, drugged him, filmed him in a compromising situation with her and then started blackmailing him.
It was only when she insisted on more money, even after he had shelled out Rs 5 lakh, and demanded his kidney “if he had nothing else to give” that the man approached the police for help.
Meerut SSP Onkar Singh said he knew about the case. “After listening to his woes, I have asked Nauchandi police station to look into the matter and file an FIR,” he said on Friday. The man (Withholding his name), a retired bank employee, lives alone near the Ghantaghar area of the city and had of late taken to illness. He would often visit court in order to pursue a few pending cases. That’s where he met the young woman.
She quickly befriended him on the pretext of helping him “find the right cures for his illness”. Talking about his travails, the man narrated, “She said that she worked at a herbal cure centre in Garh Road and wanted me to join it as a member. I accepted her proposal and on April 7, 2014, I formally joined the club. I was also introduced to the club’s owner and a worker there. After my introduction, I was given medicines which I consumed for two months.”
In a written complaint to the SSP, the man alleged that on June 17, the woman gave him a “special medicine” which he consumed and became unconscious. When he woke up, he found himself completely naked and in one of the club’s rooms. After some time, the woman came to the room accompanied by the two men and showed him an MMS that had him in a compromising position with her.
“The three then threatened me and said they would upload clip on internet if I did not follow their instructions. To save myself from embarrassment, I kept quiet and gave them Rs 5 lakh from my savings. But it didn’t stop there and they wanted more. When I told them I am broke, they said, ‘Give us your kidney then’.”