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Man plans well for murder, but wife blows up the lid

Tuesday, Dec 23, 2014,21:07 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | A 34-year-old man had set up a perfect alibi to prove that he was traveling in a train when he had actually killed his business partner but the ‘foolproof’ plan was spoiled by his suspecting wife who blew up the lid. The accused, identified as Anil Puri had shot dead his business partner Rajesh Saini over a money dispute and dumped his dead body near a drain in Sector-8, Dwarka on December 19.
Puri, whose father had worked with the Air Force, was arrested by the Crime Branch from near Marble market of Sector-20, Dwarka on Sunday following a tip off, police said. Puri, who was an active associate of dreaded criminal Pradeep Dogra of South-West Delhi had some monetary dispute with Saini following which he decided to eliminate him. He organised a family trip to his sister’s house in Nagpur to show his presence in Nagpur during commission of crime. On December 17, he along with his family boarded Kerala Express for Nagpur.
He got himself seen in CCTV cameras and his ticket too was checked. As per plan, he got down from the running train in Delhi itself for commission of the crime, said Joint commissioner of Police (Crime) Ravindra Yadav. He had planned to reach Nagpur by air after eliminating Rajesh Saini. After leaving the train, he immediately went to Palam Colony, called his friends Shahid Ali and Sonu Peter, who are desperate criminals in the locality, to eliminate Rajesh Saini.
They reached the office of the victim on Kakrola Mod on December 18 and took him in his car. Anil Puri fired two shots on his chest and dumped his body. He then left his car and firearms in Sector-3, Faridabad area.
His plan was however spoilt by his wife who suspecting his fidelity, got down at Faridabad and called up everybody in the family and Railway authorities that Puri has alighted from the train. As his cover was blown, Puri was on the run since then and was arrested after a tip off was received that he would come near Marble market of Sector-20, Dwarka.
The accused Anil Puri is a 12th class drop out from Kendriya Vidyalya, APS Colony. His father had expired in the year 2007 after retirement from Air Force as Warrant Officer. After failure in some small businesses, he started catering business and opened a tent house in Palam area. His business was going well; hence, he expended it in various parts of South-West District of Delhi.
About 8-10 months ago, the victim Rajesh Saini approached and offered him partnership in the business to which the accused Anil Puri agreed and they started their business in a large scale in partnership.
However, a dispute arose between them regarding the share of profits/losses in the business after sometime. The victim Rajesh Saini was reportedly not returning his money despite repeated requests following which Puri had decided to eliminate him.