China need not read too much from Obama-Modi romance: Media

Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015,22:08 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Beijing | Playing down President Barack Obama’s visit to India, official media here today said too much need not be read into the romance between him and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as there are difficult talks ahead before both sides’ expectations can converge.
The seemingly enthusiastic approaching of the US and India and the romance between the two leaders do not suggest any substantial improvement in the bilateral ties of the two countries, an article in the state-run Global Times here said today. The daily, a part of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), has carried several articles in the last few days highlighting China’s concerns over Obama’s unprecedented second visit to India with assertions by Chinese analysts that it is aimed denting improving Sino-India relations.
High-sounding remarks and deals are often showcased during high-level visits between the US and India, but when the trips end, actions often lag behind and words fail to translate into visible actions. The latest visit will likely repeat this pattern, the article said. Washington always draws a clear boundary between countries like India, which is only a strategic partner, and the long-standing alliances it has built with Japan and South Korea, it said.
The US is looking toward India as a regional partner in South Asia and the Indian Ocean to coordinate with its ‘pivot to Asia’ strategy and as a counterweight to a rising China. It also needs India’s cooperation in international affairs given New Delhi’s increasing sway in the international community, it said. India intends to maximise its interests from the important relationship with the US, but it has its own strategies to follow and carefully measures its critical relations with other big powers such as China, it said.
While India values its strategic partnership with the largest economy in the world for the sake of its national interests, the US sees India as a vast market that can offer a large pool of investment and trade opportunities but is reluctant to give what New Delhi wants most like joint research and production of the cutting-edge weapons, it said.
There are difficult negotiations and talks ahead before both sides’ expectations can converge, it said. After Modi took office in May last year, New Delhi has been seeking to improve its roller-coaster relationship with Washington and in the meantime actively develop its relations with other powers in the world, it said.