Gabbard joins Jindal in anti-Obama chorus on IS

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015,19:43 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Washington | It is important for US President Barack Obama to be clear and specific in identifying radical Islam as the main target of the war against terrorism, particularly after the rise of IS, first Hindu lawmaker in the US CongressTulsi Gabbard has said. We’re not really seeing a very clean outline winning strategy in how to defeat this threat that is being fuelled by different Islamic extremist groups with the ISIS really being at the forefront right now, 33-year-old Gabbard told the CNN.
Two-time Democratic Congresswoman from Hawaii, Gabbard said it was important to be specific and accurate when the US is talking about military tactics and talking about strategies. If you look at the ideology of this enemy, their primary recruiting target is saying, look this is a war being waged between the west and Muslims. If you have the forefront, if you have the tip of the spear being an Arab or a Muslim force, it completely undercut their recruiting argument, Gabbard, who has served in Iraq, said yesterday.
Her voice has been more in tune with that of Republican presidential aspirant Bobby Jindal, who has come out in open asking Obama to identify radical Islam as themain threat. In an interview to the Fox News, Jindal alleged that Obama refused to identify radical Islamic fundamentalism, describing it as one of the main military threats to the US. It gives me no joy to have to say this. I do think he’s disqualified himself to be commander-in-chief for a couple of reasons, Jindal said.
Then secondly, you look at this president, he seems more intent on telling us warnings about the Crusades, criticising America. We need to enlist our military commanders. We need to go to them and say, Give us a plan to hunt down, to kill, to eradicate these terrorists, he said. We don’t need a president who’s trying to appeaseĀ  trying to be politically correct. He won’t even name the enemy we face, and now he’s refusing to give our military all the tools they need to go and win this war, Jindal said.