No divided loyalties for Indian cricket enthusiasts in UAE

Friday, Feb 27, 2015,22:10 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Dubai | As India take on the United Arab Emirates at Perth tomorrow in a Pool B World Cup match, the cricket enthusiasts living here do not see this as a battle of loyalties.
For most it’s just another World Cup match, while others see this as a proud moment for the local team, which isn’t expected to cause much worries to the Men in Blue.
Television host and entrepreneur Mehirr Nath Chopra says he is very proud of the UAE cricket team’s performance during the tournament so far.
They have played hard and fought well. Very professional and world stage worthy, he said.
Chopra has lived in the UAE for more than a decade.
Safe to say Dubai is my home and the UAE team makes me proud, he said.
However, the Indian cricket team is his obsession.
I am a life-long India fan. Good or bad, form or no form, controversial or clean I am a permanent supporter.
Come Saturday, I’m bleeding Blue, he said.
For Munawwar Ali Khan, professor of biotechnology at a local university, it would be India all the way.
I didn’t like it when the UAE went down against Ireland earlier this week, he said.
However, there is no dilemma as far as tomorrow’s match is concerned.
It’s going to be India all the way, he said.
Maansaa Kumar, who hails from Kerala, said there was no question of supporting any team other than India.
Definitely supporting India, because according to me, our cricket team is the best. And also, India is my country so I’d definitely root for them during any match, she said, adding that anyway most of the UAE team comprises players from the subcontinent.
Meanwhile, there are some people who can’t understand what the fuss is all about.
Passion is one thing but I can’t understand why people go to the extent of calling in sick to watch the match, said a public relations professional Anand George.