Endosulfan issue in Parliament; Govt rules out blanket ban on pesticides

Tuesday, Mar 17, 2015,19:05 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Government today asserted in Lok Sabha that it will not ban all the pesticides prohibited in other countries even as concern was voiced over their harmful impact.
Raising the issue through a Calling Attention motion, P Karunakaran (CPIM) spoke about harms caused by pesticides, especially endosulfan. He highlighted the suffering of people in his constituency Kasargod in Kerala due to the pesticide.
He said it continues to be used despite an official ban on its production and sale.
Many pesticides continue to be sold in India despite being banned in other countries and alleged that the government is acting under pressure of multi-national pesticide manufacturers, Karunakaran said.
In response, Minister of State for Agriculture Sanjeev balyan asserted that the production and sale of endosulfan stood banned.
He said the government is waiting for a committee’s report before it decides whether to ban those pesticides which are banned in other countries.
Just because foreign countries have banned them we should also do is not the right way. We are waiting for a committee’s report and will take action accordingly, he said.
Prem Singh Chandumajra (SAD) spoke about the damages caused to crops by the recent unseasonal rains and demanded adequate compensation from the Centre.
Some BJP members from Karnataka raised the issue of the death of IAS officer D K Ravi in the state under suspicious circumstances and alleged that he was being harassed by the state government due to his upright conduct and action against corruption.