Two Adivasi men attacked by wild elephant in farm

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015,19:25 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kannur | Two Adivasis were grievously injured   when wild elephant attacked them at Aralam Farm in  Kannur district late last night.
They were admitted to Kozhikode Medical College Hospital.    According to Aralam police, Balakrishnan (42) and Sasi  (40), residing in seventh block at Aralam farm, the state’s lone tribal rehabilitation farm. The elephant attacked them at about 2330 hrs when the two were resting on the side of  the road.
Balakrishnan suffered grievous injuries on his legs and  thighs, while Sasi suffered injuries on his back when  the elephant trampled them. Forest guards rushed them  to the hospital. The two were later shifted to Kozhikode  Medical College Hospital.
On April 20 last year, an Adivasi woman , Madhavi (45)  residing in 11th block at Aralam Farm, was killed by  a wild elephant when she was sleeping inside in the house  at night. The pachyderm also damaged the house.
Adhivasi Gothra Maha Sabha and other Tribal organizations  have been conducting agitation demanding protection for them from such attacks by wild animals. The government  has assured them that more trenches would be constructed  in the remaining three KM stretch, besides an iron fencing  around the farm to prevent the wild animals from entering.

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