CPI to limit terms of General Secretary

Saturday, Mar 28, 2015,20:44 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Puducherry | With the aim of bridging the generation gap, the party Congress of the Communist Party of India (CPI) has decided to limit the tenure of general secretary and state secretary to three terms. Shameem Faizee, Secretary of National Council, told reporters that constitutional amendment to this effect  was brought in at the ongoing National Congress.
Explaining, he said general secretary of the party can continue for two consecutive terms and if the same person is to continue for the third term, then he should get two third majority in the electoral body and the same is applicable for  the tenure for the State Secretary also. At present, the general secretary of the party can continue for five terms of three years each.
After the important constitutional amendment, the tenure of general secretary of the party will be limited to  three terms in office i.e for nine years. As for the district secretary, the state committees will issue the guidelines for the term in office and the same pattern at the national and State level is expected to be followed in the term for district secretary also,Mr.Faizee said.
Asked about the amendment, Former Kerala Minister Binoy Viswam, who was with Faizee at the press briefing, said the important constitutional amendment has been brought in to  bridge the generation gap and induct new blood into the party. A five-member permanent programme commission will be formed to decide on the Party programme, Shameem Faizee informed.
It may be recalled that the plenary session on Friday discussed the Draft Party programmme reintroduced after a gap a 23 years. If approved by the Congress, the document will replace the programmatic document adopted in Hyderabad Party Congress way back in 1992.
Faizee revealed that nearly 350 amendments were received at  the congress. On forming a broader political platform at the national level, the Party Congress is for ‘consolidating left unity to build left alternative,’ he said and added that the inclusion of Congress in it is ruled out.
Faizee said an ‘Indian model’ alternative against  neo-liberalist policies will be unveiled by drawing lessons from the Latin American experiences, which successfully thwarted Capitalist onslaught in that part of the world.