BJP is the largest party in the world -Amit Shah

Thursday, Apr 30, 2015,19:16 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | BJP chief Amit Shah today declared that the party has crossed the 10-crore membership mark to become the largest in the world.
While   addressing a press  conference  in the  party  headquarters, the  BJP  president   said   in India,”  we  have  multi party   system  and  few parties  have  internal  democracy.  BJP is one of them whose internal elections held from booth level to the highest level.
BJP  chief    explained   the procedures  taken   for  this membership  drive   and  how  his  team   worked  hard
to  meet the   ten crore  target.   BJP   was among the few parties holding  organisational election   on regular basis  said  Amit  Shah. The  exact  figure  of the parties  members  till  afternoon  was 10,43,24, 525. The membership   drive would continue   till midnight today.
BJP president praised his membership    drive team for their successful   hard work and dedication.
He  said,”this time we have introduced an electronic mechanism of missed call to enroll members and it was successful. From Arunachal to Gujarat and from Kargil to Kanyakumari it was a BJP show of membership.”
Giving  details  of  membership  drive  mechanism, he added that special  attention was   given to Kerala, Tamil  Nadu, West Bengal , Assam. Odisha ,Andhra  Pradesh  and Telengana .
In these  states, BJP  has  increased  its membership  by  almost  3 to 9.5  times. Among these seven states   Assam    increased its members by 9.5 times   more. Uttar Pradesh  was  on  top  with 1,82,84 ,693 members  in its  kitty.