Athletes’ suicide bid: Docs in Kerala consult AIIMS panel

Friday, May 8, 2015,21:57 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | One of the three young athletes who survived a suicide attempt at a SAI centre in Kerala is critical and has been advised to be kept on close cardiac monitoring by a panel of AIIMS doctors.
A video conference was held today between AIIMS experts and doctors at the Government Tirumala Devaswom (TD) Medical College in Alappuzha where the three young athletes are admitted after they consumed a toxic fruit in a suicide pact along with another fellow athlete, who died of poisoning.
According to AIIMS doctors, the deceased 16-year-old girl had developed hyperkalemia, a condition in which her potassium levels had shot up as a result of consuming the toxic fruit. She succumbed ultimately due to ventricular fibrillation, they added.
Also, there was a gap of five to six hours between consumption of the poison and seeking medical care, said a senior member of the AIIMS panel. Another girl, who is critical, appears to be slightly dehydrated and also has a back-up pacemaker in place.
Her potassium level is on the higher side and it has been advised that she be kept on close cardiac monitoring, said the doctor. It was also recommended that she be given adequate fluids. It was advised that her electrolytes be monitored closely, especially potassium, and she be administered potassium exchange resins if the high potassium levels persist, the doctor added.
The other two patients are stable currently with normal vital parameters, he said, adding that the AIIMS panel has advised that they be kept under continuous monitoring. The AIIMS panel comprised V Srinivas, Deputy Director AIIMS, Professor SK Sharma (Department of Medicine), Prof YK Gupta (Pharmacology), Prof Praveen Aggarwal (Emergency Medicine), Dr Ambuj Roy (Additional Professor, Cardiology) and Dr Subodh Kumar (Additional Professor, Surgery).

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