Hand written Bible completed in 12 days

Friday, May 22, 2015,20:53 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Thrissur | The herculean task of copying the Bible (old and New Testaments) by hand , published by the Bible Society of India, will be released  by a local church on May 24, as part of its year long Platinum Jubilee celebrations.
A 3876-page hand written Bible (Peshik Aramaic) of the Assyrian Church of the East (Chaldean Syrian Church) was completed in just 12 days,  Vicar of the Church , Fr. A P Varghese told newsmen here today .
The task of copying the Bible by hand was divided among the 475 families of the Chelakkottukara parish and 1100 persons actively participated in the venture, the vicar added and said  the work of copying was started on October  12 and completed on October 24 last year.
He said that main objective of the task was to create more awareness amount the Bible and its contents among the believers. Copying the Bible by hand would help the writer to grasp the scripture more than by simply reading it and maintain it as historical document.
Besides, it would also increase the loyalty of the faithful towards the Church and Christ
in good stead by copying the greatest ‘Literary Artwork of the World’ by hand, Fr.Varghese said.
The hand written copy of the Bible would be different from that of the Bible used by the
Catholic Church. The following seven chapters of the Old Testament  Tobit, Judith, Daruch, Esther,
Maccabees I & II and Susanna  would not be in the hand written copy, he added.