Modi warns against caste politics in Bihar

Friday, May 22, 2015,22:10 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Reaching out to the voters of Bihar ahead of the assembly polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said he was committed to the development of the state and asked the people to rise above the caste divide failing which the public life there will decay.
Inaugurating the golden jubilee celebrations of acclaimed poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s works, the Prime Minister said he was committed to taking forward his vision of progress and prosperity to the state without which India’s development was incomplete. The western India may be prosperous, but unless the wisdom of the east complements it, India will not be able to achieve its full potential.
Once ‘Lakshmi’ (Goddess of money) and ‘Saraswati’ (Goddess of learning and wisdom) unite, the world will see how fast India progresses, he said. Referring to a letter written by Dinkar in 1961, Modi said the poet was of the view that Bihar will have to forget the caste system and follow  the virtuous. You cannot rule with the help of one or two castes.
You need support of all. If you do not rise above caste, Bihar’s public life will decay, he said, quoting Dinkar’s letter. He said the poet’s works acted as a bridge between the ideals of Jaya Prakash Narayan and the youth of the country. He had fire within. But it was not meant to burn but work as a light for generations to come, he said, noting that Dinkar’s works are relevant even today.
The Prime Minister said development of states like West Bengal, Bihar, eastern Uttar Pradesh and the northeast was critical to the overall development of the country. The launch of the celebrations to honour the late Bihar poet by Modi is being seen as an attempt by the BJP to woo the voters of Bihar ahead of the assembly polls in the state slated later this year.