Congress slams Modi govt for dodging, misleading people on Achche din

Monday, May 25, 2015,19:50 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Jalandhar | Congress today slammed the NDA government for befooling the people for making them dream about the return of good governanece (achche din aayenge).
Interacting with the media here, senior Congress leader and National Commission for Scheduled Castes Chairman P L Punia said the one-year rule of the Modi government was nothing more than a farce and a hollow vessel full of false promises made to the people during the Lok Sabha polls in May 2014.
Mr Punia said Modi came to power riding on the promises of good governance, ease of doing business, 10 per cent growth in the GDP, creation of 10 crore jobs in five years, digital India and
return of black money besides depositing Rs 15 lakh in each Indians bank account and reduction of inflation and a new economic vision. But one-year rule of Modi proved to be a total failure on all fronts.
Mr Modi promised a new economic blueprint for the industry and business strata. A year had passed but no blueprint of like that had ever come and it had turned to be a Headline management print, an
insatiable quest for personal propaganda. Event management and attractive slogans made the Modi government as Catch Headline government rather than Catch Investment government, he added.
Condemning the malicious campaign of the BJP and Modi against the Congress for a financial mess, Mr Punia added that the Modi government lacks the economic vision i.e, fiscal direction and financial astuteness to propel India on a growth trajectory. He said even journalist and senior BJP leader Arun Shourie had clearly adjudged that the Modi government lacks financial direction.
The Congress leader took a jibe on the far dreamt proposals of the Prime Minister including those brining prices of commodities down, restructuring of inverted tax structure, levelling the high
cost of inputs and resolving the crucial logistic issues and the Make in India which remained a slogan only.
Jalandhar MP Chaudhry Santokh Singh, PYC Chief Bikramjit Singh Chaudhry, former Punjab ministers Chaudhry Jagjit Singh and Amarjit Singh Samra were also present in the conference.