First land registrar office turns 150

Tuesday, May 26, 2015,19:23 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kannur | The state registration department and the people of Kannur will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the nation’s first land registrar office,  Ancharakandy registrar office, about 18 Km from here on May 29.
Kerala minister for Food Supplies and Registration Anoop Jacob will inaugurate the  celebration and minister for Rural Development and Planning K C Joseph will attend the function as chief guest at Urvathul Islam Madrassa Hall at Acharakandy.
Intrestingly, the Ancharakandy sub registrar office was now functioning in the same building, which was constructed by British East India Company on 1865 to register the cinnamon plantation and their land records. This was the first land registration officially recorded in the country.
Talking to newsmen here today, Mr O A Satheesh, District Registrar (general) and K Padmanabhan Master, Venghad grama panchayat President and Chairman of the organizing committee said MP P K Sreemathi and MLAs of the district would attend the function.
He said this historical registrar office was set up in February 1,1865 by British government to formally register their lands and to avoid the chances of make fake drafts of title deeds by the local residents and to protect the codify draft of land mark in a office . The process of protect the land drafts had begun by Murdoch Brown, a Cinnamon trader affiliated with the British East India Company.
He started a system of keeping a record of land transactions with respect to Anjarakandy Cinnamon Estate. The Ancharakandy cinnamon estate , established by the East India company in 1767. Mr Brown , who was interested to purchase lands nearby the estates marked the border of lands and prepared a draft .
He also gave direction and encouraged the local residents to keep the drafts of their lands quoting the trees and hills and slops to measure the borders of the land. For keeping the records of these drafts he established an office room at his own estate Bungalow. Mr Brown found that local people were changing the land borders in their drafts, which was signed by Mr Brown. So he decided to start to keep one of the signed title deed copy at his office.
Thus he made the effort and as a result of that the government sanctioned the sub registrar office at Anjarakkandy as per a government order, GO 1744, on 1864 December 5, and the office was established on January 1, 1865 and appointed Mr Brown as the first Deputy registrar.
This record keeping was the forerunner to the Department of Land Registration established by the British government in South Asia.
The Malabar registration department had started in 1865, while Travancore department in 1868 and Kochi department in 1875. The Kerala State is formed in 1956 and later merged all the registration departments in the State. The village of Anjarakandy rose to prominence due to Anjarakandy Cinnamon estate. The local king, Pazhassi Raja rebelled against the British company over the control of Kottayam and the cinnamon estate, said Mr K Padmanabhan.