After RED bull’s lawsuit XTRA Power to change ‘logo’

Friday, May 29, 2015,22:00 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | Kerala-based entrepreneurs, Energy Drink Manufacturing Company, Universal Nutritious Products Pvt. Ltd has decided to change the logo and can design of its brand XTRA Power Premium Energy Drink.
The decision was taken after the Austrian giant Red Bull AG filed a case in Delhi High Court against Universal Nutritious Products Pvt. Ltd., for the similarities in the logo and can design of the Indian brand XTRA POWER, a press release said here today.
This was informed by young entrepreneur from Kerala and promoter of Universal Nutritious Products Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Sanjeev Raju. XTRA Power has its manufacturing unit in Pune.
The High Court passed an injunction against the company to stop the production of the Xtra Power Energy Drink with the same Logo of flying Rhino with or without the Sun device or Blue and silver color Trapezoid until they come forth with an entirely new logo and Can design for their product. The company has hence decided to change the logo and can design of the product.
Red Bull AG which markets their products design with the logo of two bulls in sun device, Blue and silver trapezoid, in their petition has mentioned the similarity in the logo and the design of the can which they are using now.
XTRA Power Energy drink has a logo of a flying Rhino with the wings and the pack used has the same colour combination as that of the Red Bullss Blue and Silver. Red Bull argued that the growing Indian Energy drink XTRA POWER is using the flying Rhino in sun device, Blue and silver color and has been confusing the customers with the similarities in the logo and design.
XTRA Power Founder and Managing Director Sanjeev Raju said, The design of our product XTRA Power Energy drink was purely coincidental to the Red Bull packing.
We are strong believers in the Make in India concept of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we want our Indian product XTRA Power Energy Drink to reach out to maximum countries in the world and therefore we will incorporate all that is necessary to take this concept forward and succeed, Sanjeev Raju said.