Wont tolerate discrimination against any community: PM

Monday, Jun 1, 2015,20:23 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Prime Minister Narendra Modi today asserted that acche din (good days) have already come and made it clear that his government would not tolerate any discrimination or violence against any community.
Acche din aa chuke hain. Lekin kuch log hamare kaamon ko dhumil karne mein lage hain (good days have arrived but some people are trying to belittle the work done by us), he said in a wide-ranging interview to UNI.
Expressing satisfaction over the performance of his government during its one year in office, Mr Modi said there were neither any charges of corruption against his government nor any scandals. We have given a clean, transparent and efficient government.
He observed that the country was passing though a bad period when the UPA was in power. Every day, a new scam would unfoldthe government was numb, the country was dejected and disappointed. If you recall those bad days and misdeeds, then you will realise that the country is now free of those days I leave it to you to decide how you will describe freedom from those ills, he added.
Asked how he would rein in the elements within the party who were spreading hatred on communal lines, Mr Modi said, some unfortunate comments have been made, which were totally uncalled for. Our Constitution guarantees religious freedom to every citizen and that is not negotiable.
The Prime Minister asserted that he would not tolerate any discrimination or violence against any community. Our Constitution guarantees religious freedom to every citizen and that is not negotiable, he added.
Mr Modi said that one year ago when the UPA was in power, large-scale corruption at various levels of government gave rise to scams on a regular basis. Our precious natural resources were going into the hands of a chosen few. There was policy paralysis in the government and the country.
On sharp reaction by political parties to his speeches during his overseas visits, the Prime Minister said the Congress was under the impression that nobody abroad knew about the scams which took place when it was in power. They (Congress) should be ashamed of the scams and not on their description in his speeches, he added.
He rubbished the Opposition charge that his was a pro-corporate, anti-farmer and anti-poor government. Those who gave away precious natural resources like coal and spectrum to their favourite industrialists have no right to say this.
Asked why he had not visited Pakistan despite his promise to improve ties with neighbouring countries, Mr Modi said his only expectation from Islamabad was that it would walk on the path of peace and non-violence. There was no other problem. Violence is neither in their interest nor ours. The logjam must break.
To a suggestion that there was a disconnect between the government and the BJP, the Prime Minister asserted that, We are working in complete harmony with the party as well as with the people of the country.
On the Opposition’s aggressive campaign against the Land Acquisition Bill, Mr Modi said criticism against the legislation was politically motivated. He was of the view that the changes made by his government corrected serious flaws in the earlier bill. Our bill focuses on benefitting the farmers and balancing the long-term interests of the nation. He wondered whether his government should have ignored concerns voiced by states in a federal system.