Safety reports conflicting; Maharashtra also bans Maggi Noodles

Saturday, Jun 6, 2015,18:18 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Pune |  A decision has been taken to ban the distribution and sale of Maggi noodles in Maharashtra following the conflicting laboratory results, said state Food and Drug Administration Minister Girish Bapat.
We have taken the decision to ban the distribution and sale of Maggi in state. It was taken solely in interest of the health of people here, Mr Bapat said here last night.
The state Food and Drug Administration came out with conflicting reports over lead content in Maggi noodles last evening. Karnataka also banned the sale of Maggi noodles.
While lead content in the samples collected from Mumbai, Thane and Sangli was found within permissible limits, three of six samples tested in Pune showed excess levels of the metal. Twelve out of total 15 samples were found to be safe.
According to the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, lead should not exceed 2.5 parts per million. Samples of Maggi tastemaker supplied in pouches, though, were found containing lead ranging from marginally higher 2.55 ppm and 2.59 ppm to 4.66 ppm, which is  harmful.
The controversy began after CFL Kolkata found 17.2 ppm of lead in samples drawn from Uttar Pradesh. Samples from Delhi also showed high lead presence in 10 out of 13, while in Tamil Nadu, besides Maggi, other noodle brands also showed high content.