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Bahrain Bans Import and Sale of Maggi Noodles from India

Monday, Jun 8, 2015,18:13 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Islamabad | Nestle Maggi noodles import and sale has been banned in Behrain after finding the level of lead content to be above permissible limit in the popular instant snack in India.
Maryam Al Jalahma,  Primary care and Public Health Assistant under-secretary told Gulf News  that the Health Ministry has now ordered heightened surveillance at the country’s ports to ensure that no more of the Indian-manufactured noodles enter Bahrain.”
Ms Jalahma said action was immediately taken by Health inspectors and they are monitering the markets to withdraw Indian-origin Maggi noodles from shops. During random inspections conducted in various stores across the country we collected close to 360 packets,” she said.
Shopkeepers and retailers cannot import the Indian manufactured maggi in Behrain as we have now asked our inspectors at the ports to ban their entrance into the country, she said.
Bahrain banned Maggi after it was banned in different Indian states due to a high level of lead along with excessive amounts of taste enhancer such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) were detected in the noodle.