Anbumani wants govt to take up awareness program on Pepsi, Coke

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2015,20:28 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Chennai | PMK Youth Wing President Anbumani Ramadoss today asked the Tamil Nadu Government to start an awareness program for the public regarding the harm of consuming Pepsi and Coca-Cola drinks and junk food.
In a release here, Dr Ramadoss said Tamil Nadu should set a precedence to other states by banning the sale of these products in the neighbourhood of schools and educational institutions.
He said the Central Food Safety and Standards Authority has ordered all the State Governments to test all packaged food products. The Authority has also ordered all State Governments to strictly enforce the ban of around 500 packaged food products declared substandard by the Authority.
Maggi and other readymade noodles were banned when they were found to contain Lead and dangerous food additives. At the same time it is painful to note that the Central and State governments are not taking any action against Pepsi and Coca-Cola drinks which are much more harmful to human health. Pepsi and Coke drinks have a number of poisonous substances in them.
Similarly, the other products of these companies like Fanta, ThumsUp, Mirinda, 7up, Sprite have also been found to contain carcinogenic and immunosuppressive substances and traces of pesticides.
Following detection of these substances in these drinks, Pepsi and Coca-Cola drinks were banned in Rajasthan in the year 2003. Sale of Pepsi and Coco-Cola products were banned in the premises of Parliament and Punjab State Assembly.
Each can of Coke contains 8 teaspoons of sugar. Children who drink them regularly will develop obesity, diabetes, High blood pressure and other illnesses. A colorant named Caramel used to bring the dark grey colour of these drinks had been proved to produce cancers in human organs like lung, liver and thyroid.
Those who drink these drinks for long term develop osteoporosis that will lead to weakening and fractures of bones. These drinks can cause many other harms also.
It is a crime on the part of the government to permit unhindered sale of these drinks knowing fully well about the harms of these drinks. Pepsi and Coke sold in US and Europe contains permissible limits of poisonous substances, whereas the Pepsi and Coke sold in India contains 30 times the permissible quantity of poisonous substances, Dr Anbumani alleged.
Similarly the American food chain KFC outlet was closed in Kerala when it was reported that maggots were found in the chicken sold by the shop. There are complaints that KFC is importing chicken legs rejected in US which are highly harmful to health to India and is selling them here. Hence Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinks and KFCfoods should be subjected to rigorous tests to find out if they contain poisonous substances and their sale should be banned if they are found to contain such substances, he added.
Tamil Nadu government should start an awareness program for the public regarding the harms of Pepsi and Coca-Cola drinks and junk foods.