Recalled Maggi noodles worth 320 cr to be destroyed

Wednesday, Jun 17, 2015,18:35 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kalaburagi | Hundreds of lorries with Maggi Noodle packets have started arriving at the Associate Cement Company at Wadi town in the district since yesterday evening .
According to police various state governments were sending the seized Maggi packets to the company to be destroyed in the alternative Fuel and Raw Materials Plant (AFRP ). Maggi said a total of Rs 320 crore worth noodle products are to be destroyed in the country.
ACC sources said since yesterday 150 lorries from Mumbai and Ahmedabad were waiting to unload the rejected packets since the health hazard of  consuming the noodles was reported, and expected more lorries with Maggi arrive today and tomorrow.
Official in the factories said they would destroy the product in an eco-friendly manner and added Maggi noodles worth Rs 30 crore would be destroyed in the first phase probabbly from today after permission from higher authorities.
The Karnataka government has asked Nestle which markets Maggie to destroy all stocks of the  noodles, already withdrawn from shelves in the state. It has also sought permission from the Centre to send the samples for tests to the CFTRI in Mysuru, though the state does not come under the institute’s jurisdiction.
Stocks have been sent to be incinerated at a cement factory in Wadi, 40 km from Kalaburagi About 27,420 tonnes of Maggi noodles, under recall process, will end up in furnaces of cement plants across the country – a mode that Nestle India has chosen to destroy the stock.
The company has already tied up with five cement manufacturing units, where Maggi packets will be crushed and mixed, to be used as fuel to produce raw material for cement. At least 10,000 vehicles are being used to bring the recalled products to 38 warehouses from some 3.5 million outlets across the country. Apart from the time it would take to recall all available Maggi packets – some 400 million – the incineration process will take at least 40 days to complete given the five furnaces are run at their maximum capacity.