Kerala diabetologist gets world recognition

Thursday, Jun 18, 2015,20:11 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | Hybrid Ileal Interposition surgery, a novel surgical procedure to cure Type II diabetes, innovated by Dr R Padmakumar and his team at the Sunrise Hospital here has gained world recognition.
It was an established fact that metabolic surgery can result in excellent control of diabetes in obese patients, a hospital press release said here today.
The procedures for resolution of diabetes in non-obese group was rarely being practiced world over, it said adding that this was mainly because of the complexity of the laparoscopic Ileal interposition, the technical difficulty and high expense due to extensive use of equipments.
Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery of the hospital did the much awaited innovation, the hybrid technique by which the procedure has become simpler, patient friendly, mimicable and less costly, it claimed and said this method also helped to reduce the duration of anesthesia and surgery.
Claiming that surgeons across globe had already being started the technique for the good of their patients, it said such method had brought a new successful dimension to the treatment of diabetes.
Dr Padmakumar was invited to demonstrate this technique at the World Congress of IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity & metabolic disorders) at Canada and at the World Congress of IASGO (International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists) at Vienna.
The reputed International medical publication, The Journal of Surgical Innovations, had also given major importance for this surgical innovation from India. The journal had scrutinized the technique and its results through a long, strenuous assessment process by its international experts and reviewers before publishing this new method in the edition June 2015, it added.
Obese diabetic patients would highly benefit from Sleeve Gastrectomy and non-obese group would have good resolution of Type II diabetes by the hybrid Ileal Interposition surgery and 90 per cent of patient would be able to discontinue diabetic medication after surgery and others would be getting excellent control of diabetes mellitus with significantly low dose of medicines than before, Dr Padmakumar said.
This procedure had great importance for India, as it was progressing fast to be the diabetic capital of world. Keralites who had diabetes in 20 per cent of them can be happy that this chronic disease will have a definite solution with these procedures, he added.