Kerala’s ban move a shocking alarm; switch to organic farming, says PMK

Saturday, Jun 20, 2015,16:35 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Chennai | Expressing concern over reluctance of Kerala and Gulf countries expressing reluctance to buy vegetables and fruits from Tamil Nadu citing high pesticide content, the PMK today warned if the current situation continued to prevail, other states will also reject Tamil Nadu’s agriculture produce totally and production will also fall and requested the State to implement a draft organic farming policy.
In a release here, PMK Founder-Leader S Ramadoss said the results of the investigations about Tamil Nadu’s soil health were shocking as the soil health of Tamil Nadu had halved in the last 30 years and if the same situation continued, once a fertile land, Tamil Nadu lands will become barren.
This was due to the damage caused to fertile lands in the name of Green revolution. Tamil Nadu never used chemical fertilizers until 50 years ago. Green manure and cattle waste were used as primary fertilizers. These also doubled as pesticides. Hence Tamil Nadu’s lands provided healthy, nutritious food to generations. In the name of Green revolution Tamil Nadu’s farm lands were dumped with fertilizers and pesticides. This made our mother earth to yield poison instead of food equivalent to mothers milk, he claimed.
Particularly the soils of Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Pudhukottai, Krishnagiri, Tirunelveli, Villupuram, Namakkal, Cuddalore, Sivaganga Districts have become nearly barren- he said.