21 students of a Trust enter Limca Book of records with 30 hr Yoga

Monday, Jun 22, 2015,20:49 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Chennai | Twentyone students of Mahamaharishi Foundation Charitable Trust Mahayogam today earned a place in the Limca Book of Records by performing non-stop YOGA for 30 hours without Food and rest to commemorate the first International Yoga Day which was observed yesterday.
The attempt for the record began at 0600 hrs yesterday morning and ended at 1345 hrs today at the Senate Hall in the Madras University Campus.
Considering that 2-3 minutes per hour was taken for body rejuvenation, the feat, which was scheduled to have ended at 1200 noon, concluded at 1345 hrs.
The event was organized jointly by Mahamaharishi Foundation Charitable Trust, Mahayogam, the Physiology and Experimental Medicine Department of the Madras Medical College and the Physical Education and Yoga Department of the Madras University.
Madras University Registrar P David Jawahar was the Chief Guest at the closing ceremony in which he distributed juices to all the participants after the feat.
A total of 21 Meditators–18 boys and three girls–from the Zenskar Martial Arts Division of the Foundation, performed about 200 Asanas repeatedly in the presence of authorities and observers from the Limca Book of Records.
Mr Ramesh Rishi of Mahayogam said ”this was for the first time in the world the feat was achieved without food, rest and sleep”. A single man has performed non-stop feat for 40 hours. But as a group, this was for the first time the record was established without food, rest and sleep for 30 hours.
Though Limca norms prescribe a five minute break for every hour for body rejuvenation, our students skipped it and performed the feat non-stop.
He said regular practice of Yoga, meditation and martial arts improve the body stamina and mind consciousness. This is the key aspect as the students stayed focused and achieved this feat.
Zenskar is the art of being in conscious. ‘Zen’ means meditation and ‘Kar’ stands for defence by hand. This art was developed by our ancient Siddhars to tame our energy system.  Zenskar had its evolution from all its masters and reached us through our Guru Dr K P Gunaneethi, a 5th Dan black belt. It has karate, Kung-Fu, Varmam, Judo, silambam, Qi Qung, Tai Chi, Hitachi all under one roof.
It’s motto is to bring awareness at each stage of practice and reach the highest awareness, which is the ultimate state of a yogi. It is not just a martial art. It is a practice which brings about the powerful hidden energy of the body and mind and enables students to lead successful life by eradicating their inner and outer enemies. Anyone in the age group of six to 60 can practice this art, he said.