Coast Guard rescues 20 crew from sinking Merchant vessel

Monday, Jun 22, 2015,19:01 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | A coordinated rescue operation by Indian Coast Guard has rescued 20 crew members from a sinking container merchant vessel Jindal Kamakshi, despite the bad weather conditions.
Around 2300 hours on June 21, the vessel, on a passage from Mudra to Kochi with 20 crew members onboard, sent a distress alert, when the vessel was about 35 km from the nearest coast and 75 kms from Mumbai, an ICG release said here today.
As soon as the distress was received by Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC Mumbai).MRCC (MBI) immediately contacted the master of the vessel. For ascertaining the emergency onboard. MRCC (MBI) also coordinated with other merchant mariners in the vicinity MV SCI, Samudra Prabha, MVSeamac 1 and MVKamat to render assistance to the distress vessel.
In addition, the other Coast Guard ships were also alerted to provide assistance. The vessel under distress was listing 20 deg but the list was subsequently reduced to 10 deg. However, at morning 0414 hours on June 22, the vessel requested MRCC (MBI) for evacuation of crew in light of the inclement weather conditions.
Even as the weather conditions were unsuitable for rescue by ships, Indian Coast Guard being National Maritime Search and Rescue Coordinating Authority (NMSARCA), launched Chetak helicopters from Daman and Mumbai. In addition, Coast Guard requested Indian Navy to launch a Sea King helicopter for assistance as the weather in area was bad, it said.
A total of 19 crew members were winched up by the SeaKing in a coordinated rescue operation with Coast Guard helicopter ex Daman, standing by in the area.

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