BSNL Kochi targetting to double revenue in next financial year

Wednesday, Jul 8, 2015,21:32 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | The Ernakulam Secondary Switching Area of the BSNL, which earned a revenue of Rs 484 crore in the last financial year, registering a growth of eight per cent than the previous year,  was targeting to gain a revenue of Rs 600 crore in the next financial year, a top BSNL official informed today,
Addressing media to elaborate the business and future development programmes in the SSA, BSNL Eranakulam SSA Principal General Manager G Muraleedharan said that the demand for land line was increasing each year and the BSNL was planning to provide 27000 land lines in the financial year 2015-2016, as against 15,383 landlines provided in the financial year ended 2014-2015.
Besides, the BSNL was also targeting to provide 3.4 mobile  connections and 42000 broad bank connections in the next financial year as against 1.7 lakh mobiles and 22102 broad band connections provided respectively in the last financial year, he added.
Claiming that the demand for BSNL mobile connections was tremendously increasing, particularly after the announcement of National Mobile Number Portability, enabling its customers to receive  incoming calls freely while the customer was moving in other states, he claimed last year over two lakh mobile customers from other networks had migrated to the BSNL as against the number of 1.5 lakh customers who left BNSL to other
network providers.
The BSNL was also planning to convert as many as 13 exchanges under the Ernakulam SSA, which have connections of above 55,000 landline connections, in one year, he said adding  once these exchanges were commissioned, the speed of internet would be increased along with people could be able to talk with their kith and kin through video conference, connected by land line phone.
Mr Muraleedharan also said a part of providing uninterrupted service to its mobile customers, he said as many as 288 new 3G towers would be constructed in this year of which 18 would be commissioned soon.