Tablez Food Company enters MoU with Cold Stone Creamery

Thursday, Jul 30, 2015,22:15 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kochi | Ice cream lovers in the country will have yet another opportunity to taste the mouth watering American ice cream as  Tablez Food Company Pvt. Ltd, India, one of the fastest growing food and beverage operators in the country, has signed a Master Franchise Agreement with Kahala Franchising, LLC, franchisor of Cold Stone Creamery to open its world famous super-premium ice cream stores in India and Sri Lanka.
Informing this a joint press meet here today, Tablez Food Company CEO Shafeena Yusuff Ali and Kahala Brands International Operations and Development Senior Vice President Eddy Jimenez said that with the signing of MoU ,Tablez was planning to open  for 40 outlets across India and five in Sri Lanka by 2019.
The first outlet would open at Lulu Mall here in November, Ms Ali said adding that the shop was ready and training for the staff was undergoing, followed by outlet at Bangalore, in other Indian cities as well as in Sri Lanka.
We are proud, privileged and excited to bring Cold Stone Creamery to India and Sri Lanka.  As the premium American ice cream concept, Cold Stone Creamery promotes and encourages a fun and friendly experience through personalized Cold Stone Creations.
This partnership is in line with the Companys vision to introduce constant innovation and enthralling Food and Beverage concepts in the sub-continent, she added.
Regarding the future plans and investment in India, the CEO said that the company had an aggressive expansion plan and to catch the top position in Food and Beverage sector in India.
We are planning to invest about Rs 75 to Rs 85 crore in the Cold Stone Creamery business across in India and Sri Lanka in the next five years, she added.
In his address, Mr Eddy Tablez Food Company is a leading F and B company in India and is a perfect fit for the Cold Stone Creamery brand. Tablez specializes in unique, home-grown and international cuisines, and is dedicated to seeking out concepts that bring inspiring experiences to their customers. With over 40 Cold Stone Creamery stores planned over the course of the next five years, we know this will be a great market for accelerated growth.
Replying to a question about the price, they said the price would be very competitive.
Regarding production of the ice cream, they said the essence would be imported while the ice cream would be produced in India only. Besides their traditional taste, ice creams of local flavors like tender coconut and other flavors would also available.
Though there was no immediate plan to set up a factory of Cold Stone in India, if there was necessity and demand, certainly it would also be thought off, he added.