Scent of a debutante Malar

Wednesday, Aug 5, 2015,18:59 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Sai Pallavi, the name is very much familiar to malayalee movie lovers now a days. With her debut in the industry “Premam” ,she has captured the mind of each and every malayali film lover. Sai Pallavi became very favourite to one and all the youth and her dazzling smile and the beautiful face with pimples received much acclaim.
Having a passion to dance always she was the finalist in the dance reality show named ‘Unkalil yaar adutha Prabhu deva’ in Tamil television channel Vijai. After her remarkable performance in the reality show ,  she had gone to Georgia for her studies. When she returned to the native place for holidays, she did a hand in advertisement film that paved the way for, director film Alphonse Puthren to mould her as Malar for ‘Premam’.
The assumptions of Alphonse did not go wrong. Sai with her beautiful performance fulfilled the dream of the director what he really expected from the heroine. The character of Malar was very safe in her hands that helped to have a soft feeling inside the viewers to count her as their intimate.
When the director called me to act in his film “Premam”, I have had a doubt about how the viewers accept me with my different voice and the pimple filled cheeks. But my doubts were merely silly, as the victory of my character in the film endorses”…Yes, with her that peculiar dazzling smile she is saying..she is dreaming…
The Tamil speaking heroine character Malar is also a hit like the whole film ‘Premam’…It is very fortunate according to a actor or actress as he or she is knowing by the character of the film. Here Sai Pallavi . is very lucky indeed ,with her first film itself she has got a golden place in the minds of viewers, that will never fade.
The fragrance of malar crossed the boundaries, by touching the hot wind of the Palakkad it reached there, yes,it reached in her native place Tamilnadu. The place kodagiri in Nilgiri district , this is the native place of Sai and now she is staying in Coimbatore. Like every malayali, the Tamilians too have received  Malar with their two hands and full heart. Sai’s small family includes, her father Senthamara Kannan, an employee in Central Excise, mother Radha a house wife and younger sister Pooja.
”If I would have no support from my family, I could not attain this”  Sai is opening her mind,” my character is like I am a person who is sharing every things with my family and wish to have the advise of my parents “.She is a  great devotee and used to visit temples with family. “What I have attained and what I am going to, everything has the blessings of God. Nothing is in our hand”. Malayali’s Malar saying..

Sai Pallavi

Sai Pallavi

After the film Premam released, she started getting many love letters. The main content of these letters are the requests to Sai that please don’t act further, it is not because of that they didn’t like the acting of Sai, but because they can’t replace another character instead of Malar, that much they are loving Malar. This is the best award an actor or actress can ever have in life, nothing can replace the golden seat left in the minds of the viewers. ‘ I love the love what Malayali is showering upon me, I wish to concentrate on my studies more’’  with her lovely smile Sai is telling…
In Premam, Malar has loved George, but Sai is having more love to Georgia where she is doing  her MBBS. Dance,  that is in her blood, she will never leave that. About two years ago, here a dance programme contested in Tango festival were attracted by many. Sai is active not only in her medical studies but in art also.
Now also I am very surprised even now , when I have got enquires from Malayalies apart from my relatives and natives, when here occurred a flood last month. At that time I thought how much am I fortunate and at the time itself I doubt whether this much consideration I am deserving. When Sai is saying politely, that depicts the beauty of her mind too. The climate of Georgia is cool. Mercury will go low even up to minus 15.I Degrees Celsius. I use to go out with friends in the evenings.
Friends are my asset. I always like to remain in friends circle. Even though I have acted in a film, I am the old Sai of them always, no ups and downs in the friendship, that is most beautiful relationship when we attain in our teenage and try to maintain it life long. I am a person who is wishing to maintain the friendship, now also I am having contacts with the friends of mine even from school days through social media.
Now my most important wish is to become a doctor and I am concentrating on studies, so no more films soon. Some news has spread that I am going to act in the film ‘Action hero Biju’ with the hero Nivin Pauly  and I am going to become the heroine of Asif Ali also. I wish to say that all are false news. By September I will reach Georgia and continue my medical studies.
Now Sai’s phone is restless with the calls of her fans. From kerala she had invitation to participate in Onam  celebrations. She is not forgetting to say thank u for the love of all and that love for Malar. Through Malar Sai Pallavi is lucky to have love from all… Malar conveying her wishes to Malayalies  …very lovingly… for this Onam.