Akshat Singh- The little fatty dancer in town

Friday, Aug 7, 2015,18:41 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Akshat Singh, the name is very familiar to the viewers of dance reality shows. One day before he has come to Kochi, the business capital of Kerala for the promotion of his dubut film in Malayalam “Ayaal njaanalla”. With his parents, Abhay Singh and Uma Singh, when the naughty Akshat came here in Press Club, his lots of fans were eagerly waiting to see their small, faty dancer.
By wearing red pants and t-shirt he came. A black sun glass added to his glamour of course. At the coming time he seemed to be little serious,but when picked the mike in hand he became our own naughty Akshat ,who is dancing with his own style that nobody can imitate. Akshat is a native of Kolkata , studying in 5 th standard.
A small faty child with his wonderful dance performances scribbled his name in the inter national level too. He was very serious when others were talking about him,but when his chance came to talk in mike he couldn’t maintain false face of him as a serious boy,the little naughty started his talk in his own style by saying ‘Namaskar’ to everybody.
Then continued his non stop talking. Not only the dance but the speech also safe in his hands, that is what the Press Club has seen. He has suprised his fans by adding the names of him and his favourite hero Salman Khan in a dialogue. In Oberon Mall stage ,the dance performance of him had also arranged.The real attractive factor was dance with Akshat.
‘By seeing dance programmes in Television from his childhood,he has also got interest in it.Nobody in the house is having that much craze towards dance as he is having’,saying his mother Uma about her naughty,faty little Akshat.
He likes dance and food the most in this world ,Uma is continuing with smile.’First time he is acting and it is in the Malayalam film that of course adding an extra pleasure, his father Abhay is  telling by adding one more thing that Akshat prefers to act in South Indian films’,even if he is from Kolkata. Akshat is now more happy of being the part of the film ‘Dabang Three’ in which Salman Khan is the hero- his ever favourite.
In the Malayalam movie “Ayal njanalla”,Akshat is acting as a Gujarati boy.First seeing Akshat through reality shows,says the star Vineeth Kumar,the director of the film.Then itself I was attracted by his performance.

The starting of the film “Ayaal njanalla” is from Gujarat, so was searching for an apt boy who is fluent not only in Hindi but Gujarati too.So the search ended up with Akshat,but there also one doubt remained,how a boy like Akshat who is having lots of fans in international level too,will take this .
But the surprise was that When I asked his family about this at the moment itself they were willing.The dubbing also done by him.Even though Malayalam was not much familiar to him,it was really interesting to be with Akshat in that shooting time.The story written by the famous director Renjit,to whom I am having great admiration,it is indeed a blessing and my close friend Fahad Fazil is performing the major character,it enhances the pleasure…saying Vineeth,our own Kochu Chanthu, in Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha.
Akshat,he is the real star in you tube with the support of his  lots of fans in his reality show named “India’s Got Talent”.Before that he has shown his extra ordinary talent in ‘Dance Bangla Dance’,’The Eline Degenerous show’,the American talk show.Lakhs have seen the performance of little Akshat in you tube. Akshat has participated in Jalak Dig Jala Season.
It is only in 2011, Akshat has uploaded a video of him stepping with a Hindi song in his home in Kolkata. About two lakhs viewers were for this. After the three years he has participated in ‘India’s got talent’. The performance of him in that show was superb that really impressed by not only the judges,viewers but the international media too very much surprised with the wonderful performance presented by Akshat Singh.
Even though he is fat, the dance performance done by Akshat is really startling, said Karan Johar, the judge of the show.The presence of Dr.T.A. Sundar Menon, the producer of the film “Ayal njanalla” and the heroine of the film Mrudula Murali were there in the Press conference with Akshat.