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Shawls – new look…novel trends

Friday, Aug 7, 2015,18:20 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Shawls are the items of our dressing that are mainly worn for warmth in colder weather. But this item has attained a place of fashion among women. As the time passes, older trends are replaced by the newer ones.
Look at the attires of the kerala youths. What a change …. This change has come in the industry with fast attack of salwars to the minds of the youths about 20 years ago. The traditional attires like saree, set mundu, full skirt etc. were pulled back by the north indian attire salwar. In this Malayali youth found comfort and convenience. Kerala is now a mini Punjab. Wearing beautiful salwars our youths roam around.
In the initial stages, only normal salwars were used by the malayalees , then slowly, slowly have a trend to put trial in their new found dress, called salwars. Our youths are taking interest to make trials in their favourite dress by mixing different colour combinations, cutting and adding the length of their dress etc are the parts of that. But they had not tried to make any trials in the shawls, only the shawls were same as what have acquired from the initial stages.
The new trend is to select the salwars which aptly matches their choice of shawls instead of selecting the shawls which are suitable for salwars. In former days shawls were used only along with salwars and chudidars. But now shawls are part of every dress like jeans, kurta, shirt, skirt etc. This is the new style of the youth. In these the multi coloured shawls are the star..Colour contrasting techniques will be rocking throughout the year.Uni-coloured shawls are on less demand presently. Multicolour trend prevails in fashion.
Dark colours will be voguish too. Silk, handloom silk, tuster, jute, handloom jute are the preferred materials in which they wish to draw their dream. Machine printing, painting etc are used as a trial in the shawls.The same shawl can be used for the many dresses,this is the main attraction for adapting multi coloured shawl.
Wool fabric is a quite warm and comfortable fabric to wear in harsh winter season. Lace Shawls and Wraps trend is seen in runways of fashion on a large scale. This trend is much sophisticated in dressing as well as in shawls. Shawls adorned with beautiful laces look so nice and trendy. Various beautiful colour contrasts are being made in the colours of shawls and laces to make them stylish and voguish. This trend is predicted to be a huge interest among women in the year.
Lace Shawls, Lace Shawls And Wraps, Lace Shawls Knitting Patterns, Lace Shawls Pattern, Lace Shawls Sale, Lace Shawls Free Pattern, LaceĀ  Shawls Sydney, Wool shawls have always been the first selection of the women as these make women feel really comfortable and warm also.Girls prefer floral print shawls too.Kashmiri shawl,Cotton silk shawl,Chunkidi shawl with multi coloured etc are also having demand .
Beautiful cashmere shawls are always distinguished by their delicate and soft designs. Women can never forget to have a cashmere shawl in their collection. These shawls are mostly suitable for formal occasions. For the women of all ages, a cashmere shawl is always a perfect choice.The shawls with the borders in golden and silver ,now a days this has also come in the industry.The price of the shawls ranging from Rs.250.
Fusion shawls are the brightest star in the shawl world.Of course the youth are always will be having the interest to blend their interests with the bright,multi colours,in which they find new world,which is ever bright and positive, which is adding extra brightnes in their dreamy world.The quality,styling look are also as bright as the word fusion denotes.The cost starting from Rs.3000 onwards .
Bride shawl,which is another variety in the shawl world, in which the Colour contrastingĀ  is used which is apt for not only the salwars but to sarees also.In this it seeing ,doing culcutta works by using stones and sequence. It is selling from Rs.5000.The another type of shawl is bailo type,decorated by prints and embroideries.The price starts from Rs.2000.
Silk material shawl which is another variety,to get more attraction it is ornamented by the colourful brocaid,is a new trend.The fashion wind created by the shawls in the materials like Maheshwari, kasavu, Madhubani, Shifon, Cotton are also in the industry. The latest trend in the industry is stoles instead of shawls. Relatively the length and width of this is small to shawls.The material used for this is pashmina jute.This costs from Rs.250.