Thy hearts can’t fathom her pain

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2015,23:17 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Naga, the drama by Kalidasa Kala Kendra with its diversity has occupied a beautiful place in the minds of the drama lovers by the first play. “A woman too has a mind:”, this is what this drama is trying to remind.
There is a hidden magic in this drama to capture the minds by the first scene itself. The drama starts like a granny tale in the twilight. As the lightness and darkness in turn are reflected in life, when that reflection comes to drama that it becomes life, where we feel the realities. This differentiates Naga from other dramas, which is intimate with the real life.
The story develops with Rani. She is married to a remote area in Karnataka.   After getting married, like all women, leaving her parents and native place, she is coming to her husband’s place. She is facing many difficulties as a wife. She is compelled to obey whatever her husband and in laws is saying. She is forgetting to ask, to question.
Actually, she is surrendering everything at the feet of the so called husband and compelled to hug the madness of loneliness which she never wished in her life. This is the story of the Naga. In between there comes Snake (Naga), Kurudamma, crabs, ants, birds. With them not inquiring-when Appanna is saying this to Naga, she becomes helpless.
The story is a famous creation by Girish Karnat. Mukesh, the well known Malayalalam film actor and his wife Methil Devika present the main characters. Apart from Mukesh the son of O. Madhavan, founder of Kalidasa Kalakendra and Devika about thirty artists are also coming as characters.
The character of Naga was very much safe in Mehil Devika’s hands. She very beautifully presented the helpless situation of a lady. There are lots of scenes in the drama depicting the recognition that a woman is not a commodity in the market. Actually she is becoming Naga, that one feels in the drama.
Mukesh has succeeded to present the dual feelings of his mind as Appanna and Nagaraja. The one is avoiding the woman and the other one is accepting with full heart.
Mukesh’s sister Sandhya Rajendran, a well known actress appears as Kurudamma. Kurudamma was of course a challenging character. But to the daughter of O. Madhavan and the well known drama actress Vijayakumari, it was not at all difficult to present what the character demands. The influence of Appanna, the native leaders, Nagam, Dog etc. can see in this drama.
The director of this drama is Suveeran. He has decorated this non interval drama without any boredom. Music by Sreevalsan. J. Menon was melodious and enriched with emotions which carry us to a fantasy world. Entire narration done by Mohanlal.
Yes, it is of course having the beauty of a granny tale. The viewers of the first show itself received Naga in their hearts with that nostalgic feeling. Naga is the 55-th drama from Kalidasa Kala Kendra.