Karnataka to conduct transgender Survey

Thursday, Aug 13, 2015,20:15 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Bengaluru | Karnataka will soon conduct a transgender survey and the Health Department will take the lead as it will ensure gender minorities access social entitlements and support them to exercise their constitutional rights, Health Minister U T Khader today.
He said the Karnataka Transgender Policy is in its final phase and it would be released after legal review.  I am also pushing for establishing the Transgender Board in the cabinet, he added.
Mr Khader was addressing over 200 transgenders at the 3rd Transgender Habba, a `Big Push for Transgender Welfare initiatives in Karnataka,’ organized by Sangama, an NGO working for the human rights of sexual minorities.
Sangama Founder Elavarthi Manohar said despite all our collectivization and struggles nothing much has changed in the lives of gender minorities.
He appealed to the State Government to bring all the services under the Transgender Board instead of one department like Women and Child Welfare where the schemes for minorities like TGs get buried.
He exhorted the community to enter active politics and use the platform to empower the community. Sangama Director Rajesh Umadevi said cutting across all political parties, Sangama is involved in national advocacy for the last few months to promote the rights of transgender persons to stop the centuries of injustices, discrimination and persecution faced by gender minorities of LGBTQI in India.
Sangama reaches out with HIV prevention services to 84,000 members of MTH (MSMs, Transgender and Hijra) communities under the ‘Pehchan’ programme of India HIV-AIDS Alliance. Sonu Niranjan of Sangama, a Female to Male Transgender, said that Transmen or female-to-male transpersons are further marginalized within the gender minorities.
We should be included at the stage of designing and formulating the schemes for these communities. Due to non-acceptance at homes, there are incidents of many transmen running away from Kerala to neighbouring states. This craving for social acceptance is not merely a personal wish, it represents the entire community.