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The right touch of compassion and love

Friday, Aug 14, 2015,19:04 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kannur (Kerala) | Farooq a native of Irikkur in Kannur is always busy in his house. His busy schedule is to rehabilitate those parents who are not getting the affection or consideration from their own children and have put up in the streets. Farooq’s effort is to help them to get back to their home itself.
Farooq is treading a path what his father has shown to him. Farooq is trying to fight alone for the cause of people who are avoided by their children in their old age. He leaves a message on every step of his out of the way style of functioning through his efforts to collect money for the protection of the old from one and the same people who abandoned them.
Farooq is having 33 years, is actually following the way what his father Kayakul Ahmadkutty has paved. Ahmadkutty was a charities activist. His mother Halima also had a kind heart to others. They are the inspiration of his life. When the memories of them haunt him, he turns his mind to the old age homes.
Old people who are not having anybody to help, can approach Farooq. His mind is always open to console them and ready to go ahead with the legal action against their children. Farooq used to visit the old age homes with the aim of helping, caring and consoling them. He used to travel in search of their children too.
“The old age homes are arrows pointed towards our conscience”, says Farooq. Farooq is very much firm in his decision that he would try his best to do for the parents in old age homes to search their children. He would never mind the social status of those children. In his mind all those children have the same label as they neglected their parents. No differentiation in between a layman or a man from top class.
His one and only aim is to hand over the old parents to their children, with them, they may find more comfort. The parents should get the protection in all sense, that is what he wishes. He has given a memorandum thrugh District collector to the ministry to exact the expenditure incurred from the children of the old age home inmates. Earlier with the same demand he appealed to the Kannur collector and the district administration implemented such a system.
As a result of this, money for monthly expenditure for an inmate of the old age home is being remitted by her son. After that the son took initiative to take his mother home, as he felt she was very weak. From an old age home in Kannur, almost ten people have been brought back to their own homes with their children.
The Kannur District Collector has taken strict actions on the basis of Farooq’s appeal. In Azheekkodu old age home, it was found that 27 out of the 63 inmates had earning children. Collector ordered to register cases against the children who are not caring their parents. According to the Maintenance and Welfare of Senior Citizens Act passed by the Department of Social Welfare in 2007 legal action against those children is possible. But this law is not as effectively enforced as expected, says Farooq.
He says those children who are abandoning their parents are the real culprits. Should deal with them in the same way as dealing with the terrorists. Everybody should react against this, irrespective of caste and creed, this is what he demands. He wishes to have an association of the people with the similar thoughts.