They have no life sans Sanskrit

Monday, Aug 17, 2015,19:58 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Mathuru is a small village near the Tunga river in Karnataka that holds a rare specialty. Here all are speaking ‘Sanskrit’, the classical language of yesteryears usually termed as the language of The God. Not only in the temples, but in classrooms, homes, roads, playgrounds, shops.. Every nook and corner one can see Sanskrit speaking people only. Mathuru near to Shimoga in Bangalore is the one and only village in India, where Sanskrit is the day to day communication language.
More than five thousand families live in the village, including Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Irrespective of caste, creed, age all speak Sanskrit. A squirrel’s share to prevent the language going extinct was the reason that prompted villagers to embrace it and start speaking it. Not only verbally, the boards, advertisements, etc. are also in Sanskrit. Even the children who are playing cricket in grounds speak in Sanskrit. It was not a spontaneous change over. Continuous and cooperative effort of all village people is behind this achievement.
Hari Om is the welcome word, they are using. No hotels to check in. Visitors, if wish to can ask for a stay in the school or any house in the village. It is seen in front of all houses in Mathuru inscribed that ‘We can speak in Sanskrit’. Those who are having the ability to speak in Sanskrit, are most welcome here. Many people come to Mathuru to learn Sanskrit. Now a few other villages in Karnataka started to follow suit Mathuru in adopting Sanskrit.