A cute heroine’s homecoming

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Her eyes had the gleam of suruma, the head scarf covered half of her face, but not its warmth, the music on her lips reverberated a fancy glee and she came as a new heroine for Malayalam film lovers. We meet Chandni Sreedharan in the new film ‘KL10 Pathu’ with an unmatched comparison. Her music scene in the film is a hit among many a ‘New Gen’ now. The song “Enthaanu Khalbe…” is trending.
Though Chandni Sridharan is a new face in Kerala movie houses she had already made her space in Tamil and Telugu industry. In Tamil she is known as Mruthika and in Telugu, Rahana. Brought up in the United States, Chandni’s family roots are in Kozhikode. The dialogues in the film ‘KL10 Pathu’ are in Malappuram slang, and that is the highlight of the film. Having her roots in Kozhikode Chandni did find no difficulty in pursuing the dialogue.
Excited by the joy over the film being well received she had set the caller tune of her mobile phone to the song ‘Enthaanu Khalbe…’ I had to perform a fully lengthy character in that film. Really enjoyed the shooting set too with the presence of the Co artists like Unni Mukundan, Srenath Bhasi, Neeraj etc.chandni sreedharan kl10

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Chandni reached in the filmdom through Malayalam television reality shows. But her debut movie was in Tamil. Then she appeared in Telugu movies. She was very particular that the entry into Malayalam must be with a good character in a good film. The film is the debut for the director Muhsin Parari too.
Started to learn from childhood, her dance learning is continuing. I participated in the reality shows by the support and encouragement of my mother. Those who win in that reality show would get the chance to act in Lal Jose movie, was what the offer. But that film did not happen. Though I got the opportunity to do my first in Malayalam in the film produced by Lal Jose himself.
The Tamil movie “Ainth, ainth” is Chandni’s debut. She acted the role of a Christian girl, Liyana in that movie. After that she did Telugu movie ‘Chakiliginthayu’. The last movie she did is ‘Thollai kachi’. At that time heard the story of ‘KL 10 pathu’ and agreed to participate in it.
In between the study time, she uses to perform in dance shows while in America. “I didn’t even think that I could do movies. If I hadn’t come in the movie field I would have become a dancer. I have opted Bharatanatyam as one’s feelings have prominence in this dance form. I am waiting for a role which is dance rich.” Chandni uncovers her passion.
Chandni’s father Sridharan is a Software Engineer in America. Mother Rajani and one brother Gopal, a plus two student.

A scene from the movie.

A scene from the movie.