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For Basheer public service has a compassionate meaning

Friday, Aug 21, 2015,21:30 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Alappuzha | Basheer Koyaparambil, Councillor for Iravukad ward in Alappuzha municipality keeps a soft mind for fellow beings when it comes to harsh life realities. 5 years back, he built a house for 70 years old Bimabeevi Latif and her mentally retarded daughter 25 years old Sunitha. Till then they were living in a one room house thatched by old sheets in a two and a half cent plot provided by the municipality.
Beevi’s husband died 8 years before that. Sunitha is also a widow. Her husband’s demise was due to a heart attack when she was pregnant. Further to this setback, she witnessed her baby’s death at delivery time. These shocks hit her psychological health adversely. The pathetic life condition of them touched Basheer’s heart. He built a house for them spending his own money.
Basheer came to know about the tragic situation of this family from the local people. When visited the house, he was able to know that the condition of the family was very pathetic than what he was informed. First, he took initiative to give emergency medical treatment that was very required for mother and daughter. That is, continuing now too.
The other important thing to them was a safe house. Even though they have no earnings from any source, they are put under the APL category on ration card. Because of that they were not eligible for the free house project of the municipality.
He had kept his honorarium in the bank. He started the construction of the house using that money. His wife Shibina joined hands to the noble purpose. She sold her ornaments and gave two lakhs rupees. The construction of the house having one hall, two bedrooms, attached bathroom started on last May. Contractor of the house was one of his friends.
Without taking profit the contractor also became a partner of this good deed. But some more funds too needed to finish it. From his own business Basheer took another one quarter leak to complete the construction. The house has been named “Goodness” and the walls borne the colors of the national flag. A small beautiful function was arranged on July 25th to hand over the key by K.C. Venugopal MP.
Rani canal is near to “Goodness’. Poor people are staying on both sides of the canal. No bridge to cross. They had to make a round about to reach the road. Here Basheer constructed a bridge with his money. It was When he was involved in the construction of the bridge, he came to know about the life of Bimabeevi.