Experimental dance steps of a housewife that proved

Monday, Aug 24, 2015,20:48 IST By metrovaartha A A A

That award came and kissed her very accidentally. Her eyes widened with pleasure and wonder. She is Sajna Najam. Award winner for film choreography by Kerala state government. She is very surprised with this unexpected award.”This is really unexpected, can’t find words to describe my overwhelming pleasure” Sajna Najam the dance lover says.
She was in Bengaluru, when she came to know that she has won the award. Many congratulatory messages had been coming to mobile. But didn’t understand the matter. Abhiram, husband of singer Gayathri, called up to congratulate. Only at that time I came to understand about winning the award, without any over enthusiasm she said.
She has had a great passion to dance from her childhood. But no remarkable recognition but this award till date. She is the native of evergreen actor of Malayalam film, Prem Nazir. Sajna is active in reality shows and stage shows. She got this state award for the film Vikramadityan. Dandiya dance form, a different item in that film helped her to win the award.
Sitting in the Heera crescent apartment, near to Nanthankodu Ayyappa Temple, Thiruvanantapuram she started to say how she reached in the world of dance. Born to M. A. Nazar and Aisha, her father is the native of Chirayinkeezhu. From her childhood onwards she showed her passion to dance. The interest shown by her to dance prompted her parents to send her to learn dance. But little Sajna Najam had been crying at those times, when she was in dance school. It forced to stop dance learning.
In Chirayinkeezhu, her grandfather had two theatres. One was Sajna and the other Khadija. She used to see films in those theatres and used to dance to the tune of the film songs. She has trained under nobody and doesn’t know classical dance. But she used to teach semi-classical dance. By asking doubts to her dance friends and searching in internet she used to resolve her doubts.
The passion for films is in her blood. Her paternal grandfather M. A. Rashid was a film producer. He was the producer of the film ‘koodeppirappu’. This was the entry film of Vayalar Rama Varma, Ambika, Prem Nava etc.. As the native of Prem Nazir, she is indeed happy to share her memories with him. Chirayinkeezhu is the place which was known by his name. The theatre named Sajna owned by my grandfather was inaugurated by him. We had a nice relationship with his family.
Earlier She used to see all films. After marriage, she had gone to Saudi with husband Najam. So the chance to see Malayalam movies suffered. In those days she used to watch Hindi films and serials. Sajna liked to dance with her daughter while hearing Bollywood film songs. When her elder daughter was in fourth standard, she came back to Kerala. In Saudi, her daughter had played dance on stage.
By teaching dance lessons to daughter and her friends she started to walk to the choreography. That attempt was successful. So many came to her to learn dance lessons. As a result of this got a chance to perform a semi classical dance form in Attukal temple, Thiruvanantapuram. That was not in vain. She could become more active in choreography. ‘May be it is the blessings of Attukal Devi’ Sajna says. She has got the chance to do choreography for many shows including television reality ones.
From 2001 onwards, she is active in films. She has done choreography for the films like Mili, Chandrettan Evideyaa, Thinkal muthal velli vare, kumbasara, Manglish, KL10 path. In Vikramadityan she had to do a long choreography.
She is very particular in choosing crew. Planning to do a project of director Siddhique, but not finally decided yet. Madhuri Dikshit, Sridevi and Shobhana are her favorite dancers. Her passion is not only to dance but to drawing, reading, driving too.
Sana Al Ataf, daughter of Sajna’s sister Shamina Al Ataf also has come to the film field. Sana is the heroine of Fahad in the film ‘Mariam mukku’. Sajna wishes to direct a film. This is a great ambition in mind for a long time. Sajna is having two daughters Nima, Riya. Now Sajna is busy with the marriage arrangements of her elder daughter, Nima.