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Liza Mayin holds all the aces, in tennis ball’s business

Monday, Aug 24, 2015,21:49 IST By metrovaartha A A A

When Leander Paes and Sania Mirza pour shots to victory, here in Kerala, Kannur is also sharing the joy with proud. The top rated company in India that manufactures tennis balls is situated in Aadikadalayi in the outskirts of Kannur. The classic sports goods company is operated under the leadership of Liza Mayin, a B. Tech graduate. They work here diligently to produce 8,000 tennis balls every day and about 22,00,000 balls reach the market every year. This facility is not familiar to the common people around. The achievements by Liza Mayin in this field is worthy and inspirational too.
Her quick foray into the business was through marriage. A computer science engineer passed out in 1993, she was married off into a family that owned Western India Plywoods. Her husband Mayin Mohammed is the son of P.K. Mohammed the managing director of the company.
She hails from Ernakulam and born and brought up in Dubai. She did her engineering graduation in T.K.M. Engineering college, Kollam. She was encouraged by in laws to do something worthwhile than merely sitting at home idle. P.K. Mohammed, her father in law an ardent sports enthusiast had started the sports accessories business 25 years ago, in Kannur.
Sports goods and accessories manufacturing companies were few in India at that time. As the result of the long vision of P.K. Mohammed, there originated a company to manufacture the sports goods along with plywood. Liza joined the company late in 2000 when her husband Mayin Mohammed became the executive director of the parent firm. There were 35 workers, when she joined the company. Most of the workers are ladies there. They found in Liza an understanding lady, they can trust.Liza mayin kannur
Liza found out time to know the problems of the workers by mingling with them. She soon realized even if the company has started years back, the manufacturing rate was not growing. By making a framework in the company matters, she stepped her first foot.. She made a proper arrangement of all units and fixed the revised salary of the workers proportionate to their work. Liza proposed a formula to work overtime to increase the production.
In the initial stages Liza was with them in overtime work to stimulate a safety feeling in lady workers. The result was beyond the margin. Their enthusiasm manifested in the output. The balls production increased day by day as 4000 and 5000. Her husband Mayin didn’t come to know all these developments in the company as he was on business travel always.
When he returned, he realized the new phase of the company as the effort of his wife, Liza in all means. He understood the interest and passion of her in the business. He has given the full freedom to her to decide the company matters. When her sight stamped to the not in use items of the plywood company, her plan was converting those into useful items. There born the Vincer arts and sales unit. Arts frames are here with beautiful wood and glass.
The Western India Plywood Company initially started Vinmax sports accessories.. The slowing of the world economy, and advancements to the marketing of Chinese tennis balls had given a turn blast to the tennis racket. First they compelled to stop the production of racket. Started the production of caroms board and chess board. Apart from these there started Shuttlecock production. The feathers were imported from Taiwan for the production of the shuttle. India has banned the import of feather when the spread of bird flu in other countries. As the result of that, company stopped the clock production.
Then in 1987 started the concern named Classic Sports Goods Pvt Ltd. Kannur Tennis ball reaches to all over the places in India. Rubber base is from Kerala, The woolen felt for the tennis balls is imported from Thailand. The felt for the cricket ball is bought from Amritsar, Punjab.
The low cost Chinese balls were a challenge for a short term, but within no  time Liza could tackle the adverse situation. She is a great admirer to sports and an ardent fan of Rafael Nadal and Leander Paes. The motivation and the support from the family are the strength of Liza in the business field.