RSS asks govt to provide aid to victims of violence

Monday, Aug 31, 2015,22:34 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Kannur | RSS State General Secretary P Gopalan Kutty today demanded that Government should compensate for the loss of properties of people who were left homeless following the violence in Azhikode.
He also said police should arrest the actual criminals behind the incidents and withdraw taking  action against innocent workers.
He alleged the CPI(M) was unleashing violence for the fear that many of the CPI(M) sympathizers including from party villages were now  joining the  Sangh Parivar organizations.
Mr Gopalan Kutty claimed that around 7000 youths had joined the RSS since last year across the State, many from Kannur as well.
Talking to news persons here today, RSS Prantha Karya Vahak Gopalan Kutty said the attack on the BJP district president’s house was part of this strategy and also to send a message to those who were willingly joining the Sangh Parivar.
It was an attempt to tell those leaving the CPI(M) that even the (party) president is not safe.
The CPI(M) has been in shock and in total dismay following the Aruvikkara by-poll election. Huge number of votes were lost by the CPI(M) and this was a gain for the BJP.
In Kannur, the party feared it would repeat  in the forthcoming local body elections. As a result of this, the left party has adopted a method of unleashing violence and trying to silence those who were trying to join sangh parivar while trying to instill fear in the minds of people.
Mr Gopalan Kutty said that the RSS does not follow  Gandhian philosophy and it would retaliate in defence. The media and the government should look into the actual facts and identify the reason behind the violence. RSS has not started the attacks in any of the cases. The CPI(M), on the other hand, has been instigating the attacks after creating artificial issues and trying to put the blame on the RSS, he alleged.