Utopia’s own king of letters

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015,21:00 IST By metrovaartha A A A

This is P.S. Rafeeq, Utopia’s own king of letters. A childhood and teenage enriched with letters created the writer in him. He is the writer, script writer, lyricist for the film ‘Utopiayile Rajav” starring Mammootty in the lead role. Now it is running in theatres.
He stepped into the glamour world of film by writing for the film ‘Nayakan’ directed by Lijo Jose Pellisseri. In his teenage years, he used to write stories and short stories. Then he went to a gulf country for a job and after a few years returned. At that time he came to know that his friend Lijo Jose Pellisseri and other friends are on the move to make a film. At Chalakkudy, Rafeeq met Lijo and producers and narrated a story. All liked the story and that lead to the birth of “Nayakan’ film. The next one “Amen”, penned by Rafeeq was a blockbuster.
He hails from Eriad, a small village near Kodungallur. “The most of the characters and the moments in ‘Amen’ and ‘Utopiayile Rajav’ are the reflections of familiar faces and incidents I have seen and experienced. Basheer, M. T. Vasudevan Nair, Urub, Kovilan, S.K. Pottekad etc. is favorite writers. Among these, Basheer is the most favorite. Basheer uses a common man’s language.
“There are lots of differences in writing a novel and movie scripts. When writes a novel, have to be very particular that the readers can visualize the incidents described in that. Then only it will be an enjoyable reading. But a vision is very clearly stamped on a viewer’s mind by one or two words. Short story writing is more enjoyable to me. The ups and downs of a film will have an effect on us. But from short story writing, I get only relaxation, nobody questions no need to answer too, It is for my own satisfaction.” Rafeeq adds.
The hero is Mammootty, Kamal is the director of the film ‘Utpiayile Rajav’. Very much happy to work with these two legends of Malayalam film world, of course it is a great experience too.
Ouseppachan is the music composer of the film ‘Utopiayile Rajav’. While doing music, he always wanted dummy lyrics. All liked the dummy songs. So these songs are used in the film too. Songs like ‘Uppinu pona vazhiyethu’ become a hit. Song starts with ‘Solemanum, sosannayum’ in ‘Amen’ film is written by Rafeeq. He has penned lyrics for many albums.
He plans to write the script for the next film by producers of Amen. The director will be a new face.