Lights, Action and Kunjunni’s Camera

Thursday, Sep 3, 2015,20:20 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Cameraman Kunjunni S. Kumar, son of veteran cinematographer S. Kumar, did not accidently came to the movie world. It was his dream to become a cinematographer even though his father was against his interest. He was the cinematographer for two films and proved that he has inherited the talents of his father behind the reels.
I really wondered when I got invitation from Renjiyettan for doing cinematography for the film ‘Loham’- Kunjunni says. He knows Renjit and Mohanlal from his childhood and Lal used to visit his house regularly.”But I was very tensed when I reached the set. After some days I became comfortable with the crew like director and hero. After every shot Mohanlal used to ask the details.
“The director was very conscious about each shot and he shared that to me too. Not much camera tricks were required for the film. Director was keen to have real work, so the simple camera was enough, no need for the new generation camera.
“My father had no interest to make me a cinematographer for the movies. I was free to choose any field, but movie. Notwithstanding the magic of fate turned my life to the lense world. I had a real passion towards the camera.I did my degree in Mass Communication from Mar Ivanious college, Trivandrum and Masters from Bengaluru. After that worked as an assistant merely for ten days with P.C. Sriraman in a Tamil film.” says Kunjunni.
Subsequent to that I joined my father. Initiation with my father was a Hindi movie named SRK. After this I had lots of films. I was introduced to director Renjith when he was doing the movie Indian Rupee. At home me and my father would have not much talk on films. Mother has been the strong pillar to me always. Even if she doesn’t have much awareness about movies, she used to support what I would do, adds Kunjunni.
He became an independent cinematographer through the film ‘Nellikka’ directed by Bijit Bala. He knows Bala from years back. 70 percent of camera work done by him for this film. The location was in Kozhikkode. ‘I really enjoyed in that setting. Kozhikkode has been always my favorite place. I used to visit this place with my father from my childhood. I have a special affection to Kozhikkode natives, they are good at heart. No disturbance from their side while shooting. I can say me and my camera prefer kozhikkode always’. Smiles Kunjunni.
The advancement in digital technology has changed the face of the camera world. New generation directors are much attracted to this as finishing work is easy. In early stages, only a few knew about film technology. Time has changed. Now everyone is very much aware of this and the learning process is very easy now.
New entrants come to this field through producing albums. I also have done many albums and advertisements while I was in college and had my own production company too. I have done album work with Vidhu Prathap and Manu Rameshan. Produced about 6 advertisements for government. Bijit Bala was the editor. That relationship with Bijit helped me to stand behind the camera in his film ‘Nellikka’.
Kunjunni is an ardent fan of Santhosh Sivan and Madhu Ambat. Next Kunjunni’s camera is to roll for the movie ‘Valleem Thetti, Pulleem Thetti’ to be directed by debutante Rishi and the hero is Kunjako Boban.
Kunjunni chose his life partner Anjali from the set of “Nellikka”. She was the assistant director of that film. The engagement is over and it is an arranged marriage having the support of both their families. Marriage is on December 30 at Thiruvananthapuram.